Bring Peace To Your Wardrobe

One way you can bring simplicity into your life is to re-assess your clothing needs & habits. In our age of fast fashion it is too easy to end up with a mountain of clothes without even realising it nor having the right clothes to meet our true needs.

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To approach a wardrobe detox, one sure fire method to help you realise that you’ve gone overboard with shopping is to write a list of all of the clothing, shoes, outerwear & accessories you own.

This process can be extremely eye opening.

I split my list into workwear and casual wear. The second list included clothing suitable for doing house maintenance & gardening projects but also exercise clothing.

Writing down everything you own really forces you to look at your habits & may make you realise just why you experience so much decision fatigue in the mornings.


One other factor of owning too many clothes is that you end up spending a lot of valuable time deciding what to wear. This can become come quite draining & may lead you to believe that you either “have nothing to wear” or may need to “update your wardrobe”. Both of these are false!

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This is likely to be a process that takes a little time. Be gentle on yourself, if you can. If you need tough love, you can be the judge of that! This process end to end could be very quick or it could take you some weeks depending on where are you at in your journey.

  1. Write your list of everything you own. I recommend paper rather than electronically as the visual impact is stronger and the joy of crossing of the list greater!
  2. Find and separate out the items that are no longer fit for purpose in your wardrobe – this means – too big or too small, too worn out, too you 20 years ago.
  3. Cross off all of the items on your list that you just separated.
  4. Decide whether there are sellable or donation worthy items in your pile. Also decide whether you are likely to actually get around to selling anything. Selling clothing in good order could be a way to recover from some of the guilt you might be feeling about how much you have accumulated without realising. It is also a good idea to put any money made from this endeavour somewhere separate from your general spending money. This will make sure you put that money to particularly good use. It is a windfall and should be treated as such. Preferably invested and not in more clothes!
  5. Next check your list for unnecessary duplicate items. Do you have 5 plain black long sleeve tops when 2 would be enough? Remove all unnecessary duplicates and repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Now is the time to start looking at what is left with the Marie Kondo approach. Anything that makes you feel gross or bad when you look at it – immediately separate it out! Cross them items off the list too and repeat step 4.
  7. Hopefully now you are down to clothing that you both love and need on some level. If you are still inundated with items, this is where you might need to make a decision.

Are you happy with your progress at this step? This is a good stopping point if this process has been a difficult one for you. Take a break, as long as you need. Compassionately tell yourself that you’ve done a good job and spend some time enjoying the new found ease you have in selecting what to wear. You might even find just the act of accessing your clothing has gotten much easier.

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Once you’ve done your tidy up and you’ve donated or sold all of the items, now you can really look at what is left.

  1. Take stock of your list and what you see visually. Is there anything that you’ve kept that you still just don’t wear, even if you think you like it?
  2. Decide for yourself, how far do you want this to go?

Many internet personalities talk about a Capsule Wardrobe of a set number of pieces. For some this seems to be total and some do it seasonally. You need to decide what you think will work for you. There doesn’t need to be a magical number, only a magical feeling of “yes, this is all I need, this is the right spot, for me.”

You might find that your first wardrobe declutter is in Winter and you’re not sure what you might want come Summer. That’s okay. Seperate your Summer/Winter clothes if that is not something you already do. Leave the opposite season until you get there. By then you might have found that you love the simplicity of a smaller wardrobe so much that you are excited for that season to arrive so you can do the process again!

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading my guide to how to Bring a State of Peace to your Wardrobe. I hope that this brings you some inspiration and relief when you dress and hopefully a few dollars back or the joy of donating that which can be enjoyed by someone else. Also, do think about how things can be repurposed if they are worn out, is there still a good zip or buttons that you could reuse or donate? Think about the waste aspect of clothing and what you can do to tread a little lighter on this path. The key thing is to make conscious choices going forward and to forgive any mistakes of the past. Past habits teach our how to live in the future. Happy decluttering – JMT x

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