Why you should create a personal manifesto

It’s cliche but the phrase “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” comes to mind. Having a personal code of conduct, goals, standards gives you guidance when you feel lost in the pace of the modern world we inhabit. This world doesn’t make a lot of sense to an ever growing sector of people and having clear parameters for yourself will help you navigate the right path through it.


Walk through the forest near my home. It’s fenced off to protect it from us humans… 😉

What should my manifesto look like?

Ultimately how you do this is up to you! It’s your manifesto.

  • You could write a list in an app you use so it’s easy to refer to on the go
  • You could have a special notebook where you create the list and then reflect on how you are living versus what your personal guidelines are.
  • You could post it publicly where those who support you and whom you trust can hold you accountable to your aspirations (though this usually requires you to ask them, as many people these days are terribly afraid of appearing “confrontational”).
  • If you’re into that sort of thing, you could even make a video that share or keep for yourself as a reminder to refer back to.

And I am sure there are many more possibilities, this is just a few ideas I came up with now. I like to write mine in my phone so that I can look at them any time and then keep a personal notebook where I can write a reflect on how I am going and remind myself of what is important to me.

What should I include in my manifesto?

Obviously a personal manifesto is just that, personal, so there are no real rules here. Here are some suggestions for those who are not sure where to start:

  • your exercise goals
  • any rules you have for yourself about how you eat
  • instructions for how you choose what you buy and your ethics
  • a timeline for anything you wish to achieve – to add focus
  • income related goals such as next career steps, business/entrepreneurial ideas, savings targets
  • a personal statement about how you wish to interact with the world
  • a vision for where you want to find yourself in 5 years time
  • a description of how you want your home life to function harmoniously
  • a list of hobbies you want to pick up as well as a prioritisation of this list
  • a daily schedule can be helpful to guide you along with the goals side of the manifesto.
  • Photos of that which inspires you could be included.

A house in our neighbourhood that inspires us – minus the vehicles!

Have you ever written a personal manifesto? What have I overlooked in my suggestions that works really well for you? 

I hope that this post provides some food for thought. May your days be ever greater with goals to guide you.


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