Health & Beauty with Bone Broth

You might have heard in various food & health circles about Bone Broth. Some people think what is so great about Chicken/Beef stock? Well, stock is not the same thing at all as it is produced in a mere few hours. Bone Broth is made over a 24 hour period and contains a lot more extracted minerals, not only the flavour!

Let me tell you about my recent & not-so-recent experiences with this magical liquid. I’m just going to warn you, there is a picture of well cooked beef bones later in this post so if you don’t want to see that, this post is probably not recommended for you.

Bone Broth Bubbling

I’m not new to bone broth, having first read about it several years ago when I was sick of being unhealthy & was moving into a more nourishing omnivorous diet.

At that time in my life I rushed out & bought a slow cooker and started making weekly batches of chicken bone broth from organic, free range chickens. I think I went with chicken at that time because I had loved chicken as a child so cooking up one a week and then using the bones seemed amazing & even respectful to the life of that chicken, to use it well. The benefits of chicken broth as plentiful as you can read up on elsewhere but I never really deviated from this habit to try other types of bone broth.

About a month ago I was starting to read about nutrition again & looking at more traditional diets. I started reading more books about this topic and it seemed like a happy coincidence that these authors all recommended eating in the manner prescribed by the work of Weston A. Price. Discovering his ideas in a book several years earlier had really changed my diet and approach to food.

My Husband and I have been experimenting with a greater variety of meat, including organ meats and different cuts from what we’ve been used to. Enter Beef Bone Broth into our lives!

Straining the broth from the bones.

I really wish that I’d made the transition to Beef Bone Broth earlier. Since incorporating it into my daily life, I have noticed the following changes:

  • Much better digestion – my stomach is happier, less bloating and other symptoms of aggravation in my tummy. I would say that my tummy looks and feels better.
  • Improved skin quality – by this I mean that my skin seems less oily than it was, is softer, smoother and more balanced.
  • Eyes look better – the eye area is less wrinkled and less likely to look dark underneath. I am stoked with this! It’s like an elixir of youth!

So what is it about beef bone broth that has given these results over chicken bone broth?

Without being a scientist, doctor or otherwise “qualified” person, I think it is the extra collagen in my system. Beef bone broth “gels” which is to say that when it cools it takes on a jelly like consistency. I am lead to believe that this is due to the collagen which builds strong skin. With regard to my digestive system improvements, I’ve always heard that bone broth was good for this but I really noticed an improvement from the Beef version. I think I recall reading that there are just simply more minerals in it that what you can get from Chicken bones. I’ve also heard great things about using Chicken feet to make bone broth – which I have not yet tried as these are much less easy to come by.

Two jars of Beef Bone Broth that I made this morning. They’ve cooled and the fat has risen to the top. This can be scraped off and used in the place of oils for cooking.

I’ve also heard that you want to try and get joint bones for your Beef Bone Broth as these contain some of the absolute best minerals and material that you want in your broth.

In conclusion

The things you read about Bone Broth are true and my experience has lead me to believe that Beef Bone Broth is the king of them all. I will still have Chicken Bone Broth too but I have switched from buying whole organic chickens to buying pieces and reserving any bones in the freezer until I have enough to make a broth. Beef Bone Broth is now my staple go-to broth and I love the weekly ritual of preparing it, knowing that it is building and repairing my body as I use it. Do you have any interesting stories or experiences with Bone Broth? What changes have you noticed since you added it to your diet?

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