Small life update

So since I fell on ice just over two weeks ago, I am still healing from the impact on my tailbone. It’s quite strange as it’s almost like it got worse, but I am just not sure anymore. If it’s not much better before a month has passed since I fell, I might have to get it looked at, which is rather embarrassing! Let’s hope it is just the slow healing injury everyone keeps saying it is.

I’ve been really busy of late with home buying and family times, and thus have not really got any photos to show of my life which is a bit sad, as I really wanted this blog to be pictorial as well as written. Alas, I am sure to find much to document over the next while.

I’ve also been home today, feeling a bit run down. I think My Love and I both have a bug and since he has been trying to quit smoking the past weekend, may have had an extra rough ride of it. I hope to get back on the life horse tomorrow as being home sick can put me out a bit. I’ve always liked routine, to the point where I would ask Mum when I could go back to school whilst on term breaks.

I finally drove my car, Ermentrude, on the weekend. My brother kinda forced me into it which was actually great. We drove around a car park twice which I promptly decided was really boring so we drove around a bit. I feel accomplished jumping back into it, it was easier than I thought, even with a maniac like my brother in the passenger seat! I will need to get my warrant of fitness done on her next weekend (there is always something with cars apparently!) and get some more driving done. I’d like to aim to have my restricted license by the end of the year, that would be the ticking off of three huge life goals in one year! We shall see how I progress.

I don’t want to write a massive post with no pictures and I want to get in as much healing sleep as possible tonight. Goodnight world!

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