I’ve really let my writing go since my last, vague post. I’ve been really caught up with the ins and outs of making a giant goal come true with my love but to talk about it too much feels risky still as I am trying to remain detached from outcomes – a self protection mechanism!

Last Friday, it was super icy here – much icier than years previous. Now despite my recent ice experiences at the start of the month, I did not think and lived my usual routines, resulting in injury. I’ve managed to bruise my tailbone quite badly and had to call into work sick after flying in the air, landing on my butt and bouncing down the stairs. It was unpleasant. It’s 4 days since this happened and today was the first day without painkillers and while it is still sore, I’ve kinda learned how to manage myself now.

I had today off of work which was pre-planned as it is my birthday tomorrow and my Mum wanted to take me out for lunch and spend the day together.


Really poor, zoomed phone photo of a beautiful Wood Pigeon today.

So I’ve been doing a lot of sitting/resting and working on the genealogy of many branches of my family. It’s a very obsessive hobby and can take so much time without your realising. It’s fascinating though and I’ve learned a lot about where I come from and how life was different before today.

Tomorrow I turn 35 and birthdays are usually a time for a lot of personal rumination for me but I’ve been so flat out with this other ‘unmentionable’ project that I’ve not really had a chance. 35 is quite an interesting seeming age. I remember when my uncle turned 40, maybe my Dad too, and it was all teasing and ribbing about being “over-the-hill” and well, that’s not so far off for me.

I feel like I am only really beginning my life now, in terms of what is really important. And we need to keep on top of things because My Love and I have a lot to work on over the next while which is crucial to living the sorts of lives we desire.

I wish I felt that I could write more openly but I feel like it is a magic spell or something to keep the big things in until the right moment.

In other news, today my car finally got some petrol as my brother has been able to sort out the battery for me in the last week. It’s so wonderful to see my car in action, even if not being driven by me, yet. I wanted my Mum to take her for a drive to see what advice she might get with regard to the car’s specific quirks as an experienced driver. I think that next weekend will be the one – I will hopefully be free of pain from my silly slide down the stairs, and the other big life things might well be sorted – and writeable!

I have a few more post topics in mind that I’d love to write on. Hopefully this can happen in the near future. Goodnight World. See you when I’m 35~!


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