Whenever I go away from my home city, I always find the contrast of the lack of wind quite remarkable, particularly on returning home. While we visited a technically much colder place for the weekend, there was virtually no wind to cut through our clothing to our bones. This wind is quite responsible for the desire I get after holidays to up sticks and move back to the lovely, wind-free places I’ve seen…


From the “Top of the Bruce” at Whakapapa Skifield. June 2018

This photo from my phone is of my first ever experience atop a snowy mountain. It was very cold up there but not bitingly so. I didn’t realise at the time the appearance of the sun. I don’t recall ever seeing the sun like that in one of my own photos. This is the view from the cafe where enjoyed a coffee after walking part way up the mountain.


Happy Valley at Whakapapa Skifield. June 2018

This is a view of a beginners area (I believe) and will be somewhere I might explore more on my next trip when I am actually ready to try some snow sports. Having never been to a mountain before, My Love and I were woefully unprepared for skiing this time but were keen to learn more about what it is like to be up a giant mountain and to get the feeling of the place.


Peaks and Sky.

I’ve come to wonder about the direction and purpose of this blog. It has become a bit of a journal, which I think is what a blog is meant to be….

But what I think I want to do too is to offer some content of value, more in the format of articles. My life is very busy as it is so I am not sure if this is realistic so the Articles as opposed to Blogs might be less frequent. I am not sure! This is somewhat an experiment for me so I am excited to see where it will take me.

I have more to write about my holiday but I think splitting it into smaller chunks is the way to get it done. I also have the photos from my other camera to look through and see if I managed to take any good shots. I am really enjoying getting back into photography.


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