Normal life resumes

Today was straight back into the day to day, weekday kind of life after a very inspiring weekend away. NZ celebrated Queen’s Birthday on Monday so we were able to take one day off to have a 4 day weekend. We headed by bus to the central area of the North Island which took 4 hours, virtually non-stop and gave us a great glimpse of the countryside all the way there. The weather was beautiful as soon as we left our city behind and stayed that way all day.


View from the bus, rather blurry/reflective. June 2018.

We spent the whole 4 hours marvelling at the countryside. Despite having been on many family trips throughout our lives, it is only recently that we’ve become a lot more enamoured by the beauty of the countryside and the prospect of living a rural life. We are still working out how to make that happen but every bit of knowledge we can obtain and every experience on the way to it is very valuable indeed.

Simply getting to know a new area is helpful while we explore what is possible for us. Our destination was Ohakune but we saw many towns and rural localities on the way there. We saw evidence of many types of farming – dairy, sheep, crops, forestry, small scale farms and larger operations. It is quite a wonder as someone who has grown up in a city as to how people get into these industries. Some of this pondering is definitely related to medium-term goals but it’s something we can do as we figure out lives out.


More phone based blurriness. My phone tells me this is the Rangitikei River. June 2018.

I’m a bit tired from the travelling and getting straight back into work today but I have a lot more to share related to this journey and some much better quality photos as I took my SLR camera with me too. It will be really great to be able to go on adventures and take photos at my leisure once I have my license sorted.


Near Flat Hills. June 2018

These pictures from the bus are pretty blurry from all the movement but I think that they capture the essence of our bus ride. The trip back was very different because it was mostly in the dark! It was nowhere near as interesting and even somewhat challenging, particularly for My Love.

I’m happy to be back with my Cat who I miss when I go away so I think I will venture to bed to catch up on some extra rest and cuddle with Mr Thor. I really do have a lot more that I wish to write so I must ensure I find the time. Holidays are really magnificent at giving you a new perspective on your current routines and lifestyle. So much more to say but I must do right by my tired body! Goodnight world!

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