I’ve really let my writing go since my last, vague post. I’ve been really caught up with the ins and outs of making a giant goal come true with my love but to talk about it too much feels risky still as I am trying to remain detached from outcomes – a self protection mechanism!

Last Friday, it was super icy here – much icier than years previous. Now despite my recent ice experiences at the start of the month, I did not think and lived my usual routines, resulting in injury. I’ve managed to bruise my tailbone quite badly and had to call into work sick after flying in the air, landing on my butt and bouncing down the stairs. It was unpleasant. It’s 4 days since this happened and today was the first day without painkillers and while it is still sore, I’ve kinda learned how to manage myself now.

I had today off of work which was pre-planned as it is my birthday tomorrow and my Mum wanted to take me out for lunch and spend the day together.


Really poor, zoomed phone photo of a beautiful Wood Pigeon today.

So I’ve been doing a lot of sitting/resting and working on the genealogy of many branches of my family. It’s a very obsessive hobby and can take so much time without your realising. It’s fascinating though and I’ve learned a lot about where I come from and how life was different before today.

Tomorrow I turn 35 and birthdays are usually a time for a lot of personal rumination for me but I’ve been so flat out with this other ‘unmentionable’ project that I’ve not really had a chance. 35 is quite an interesting seeming age. I remember when my uncle turned 40, maybe my Dad too, and it was all teasing and ribbing about being “over-the-hill” and well, that’s not so far off for me.

I feel like I am only really beginning my life now, in terms of what is really important. And we need to keep on top of things because My Love and I have a lot to work on over the next while which is crucial to living the sorts of lives we desire.

I wish I felt that I could write more openly but I feel like it is a magic spell or something to keep the big things in until the right moment.

In other news, today my car finally got some petrol as my brother has been able to sort out the battery for me in the last week. It’s so wonderful to see my car in action, even if not being driven by me, yet. I wanted my Mum to take her for a drive to see what advice she might get with regard to the car’s specific quirks as an experienced driver. I think that next weekend will be the one – I will hopefully be free of pain from my silly slide down the stairs, and the other big life things might well be sorted – and writeable!

I have a few more post topics in mind that I’d love to write on. Hopefully this can happen in the near future. Goodnight World. See you when I’m 35~!


I want to write but…

There is a lot on the line at the moment and the week hasn’t even started yet. I don’t know how to write about something when I am nervous and kinda stuck in the middle of it. Somehow writing about it feels risky, like it might spoil things.

The past weekend went by really fast but quite a lot was achieved. Perhaps?

We started looking over and reviving old paperwork and getting ducks into rows and planting seeds of ideas all over our worlds.


The Sky in the early evening. June 2018

I am bound to write more transparently in the next few days with some kind of sense-making update. For now I am riding the tumult of uncertainty but I think I am doing okay!

I have one or two more posts to write about my recent holiday but for now, I don’t have the time to formulate words and remember scenes. My brain is too electrified. Sleep is going to be interesting tonight~! Goodnight, World.


Holiday Pictures

I thought I would just let these pictures mostly speak for themselves. ~ Julia


I took this photo with my camera on a weird setting but I still like the atmosphere of how it turned out.


“the Chateau” beneath the majestic mountains. June 2018


Mt. Ngauruhoe. New Zealand. June 2018.


Heading up the Mountain. June 2018.


E-Cycling and Farm Animals.

Whilst we were away on our holiday to Ohakune, My Love and I had our first opportunity to try out riding E-bikes. I think we were both a bit skeptical about them at first. Are they really bikes at all? There are a lot of trails around the area we were staying in and after a few mere minutes on the bikes, I think we were quick converts.

Whilst on our little jaunt we met this goat below.


Goat on the side of the road on a bike ride. June 2018.

It was chained up on a reasonably long chain outside of a property. It seemed reasonably happy but I still couldn’t help but wonder if it could have a better life. We were able to give it some pats no trouble though. Goats have very unusual eyes, they look to me like they have minus symbols in them. I would love to have a few goats one day as I have seen them be rather affectionate creatures and it would be nice to be able to make our own feta cheese and perhaps use their milk too.


Beautiful Stream on our bike ride in Ohakune. June 2018

The environment was beautiful all around us and it felt a lot more like Autumn than Winter, at least in the ways those seasons feel in my own home city. I find it difficult to associate with the seasons as much in Wellington City. There are not as many deciduous trees to guide the seasonal changes, dropping their leaves and sprouting new growth. The chilling wind makes enjoying the outdoors more difficult in Winter. We do get good days now and then but you really have to grab them by the horns and take off into them when the rare opportunity strikes.


Cows heading toward the milking shed. June 2018.

Earlier in our bike ride, I got left behind for a while as I stopped to talk to some cows. This was before this photo was taken by a good half hour. They were happily grazing and looked up at me but didn’t come toward the fence. Later on in our exploring we stopped but another section of the fence (pictured) and the cows were heading toward the milking shed. It’s always fascinated me that cows develop this routine – they know when to go and form into lines across the country.

I find animals quite inspiring to observe. Their existence is unburdened by many human concerns – money, housing, intellectual pursuits, relationships, raising a family. I concede that their lives, particularly in the domestic realm, are subjugated to the desires on humans, despite some of these other freedoms. I find interacting with animals refreshing ¬†as they make me reassess my own troubles and put life into perspective. They help me focus on being in the exact moment. Maybe it is to do with being unable to interact in a linguistic sense and we talk to each other through body language and facial expressions? My cat can be quite vocal at times and while I like to think I understand the cadence of some of his meows, I will never quite know whether I am correct!! I have had several dreams where he can speak English, which is kind of odd I suppose… and a tale for another time!


Whenever I go away from my home city, I always find the contrast of the lack of wind quite remarkable, particularly on returning home. While we visited a technically much colder place for the weekend, there was virtually no wind to cut through our clothing to our bones. This wind is quite responsible for the desire I get after holidays to up sticks and move back to the lovely, wind-free places I’ve seen…


From the “Top of the Bruce” at Whakapapa Skifield. June 2018

This photo from my phone is of my first ever experience atop a snowy mountain. It was very cold up there but not bitingly so. I didn’t realise at the time the appearance of the sun. I don’t recall ever seeing the sun like that in one of my own photos. This is the view from the cafe where enjoyed a coffee after walking part way up the mountain.


Happy Valley at Whakapapa Skifield. June 2018

This is a view of a beginners area (I believe) and will be somewhere I might explore more on my next trip when I am actually ready to try some snow sports. Having never been to a mountain before, My Love and I were woefully unprepared for skiing this time but were keen to learn more about what it is like to be up a giant mountain and to get the feeling of the place.


Peaks and Sky.

I’ve come to wonder about the direction and purpose of this blog. It has become a bit of a journal, which I think is what a blog is meant to be….

But what I think I want to do too is to offer some content of value, more in the format of articles. My life is very busy as it is so I am not sure if this is realistic so the Articles as opposed to Blogs might be less frequent. I am not sure! This is somewhat an experiment for me so I am excited to see where it will take me.

I have more to write about my holiday but I think splitting it into smaller chunks is the way to get it done. I also have the photos from my other camera to look through and see if I managed to take any good shots. I am really enjoying getting back into photography.


Normal life resumes

Today was straight back into the day to day, weekday kind of life after a very inspiring weekend away. NZ celebrated Queen’s Birthday on Monday so we were able to take one day off to have a 4 day weekend. We headed by bus to the central area of the North Island which took 4 hours, virtually non-stop and gave us a great glimpse of the countryside all the way there. The weather was beautiful as soon as we left our city behind and stayed that way all day.


View from the bus, rather blurry/reflective. June 2018.

We spent the whole 4 hours marvelling at the countryside. Despite having been on many family trips throughout our lives, it is only recently that we’ve become a lot more enamoured by the beauty of the countryside and the prospect of living a rural life. We are still working out how to make that happen but every bit of knowledge we can obtain and every experience on the way to it is very valuable indeed.

Simply getting to know a new area is helpful while we explore what is possible for us. Our destination was Ohakune but we saw many towns and rural localities on the way there. We saw evidence of many types of farming – dairy, sheep, crops, forestry, small scale farms and larger operations. It is quite a wonder as someone who has grown up in a city as to how people get into these industries. Some of this pondering is definitely related to medium-term goals but it’s something we can do as we figure out lives out.


More phone based blurriness. My phone tells me this is the Rangitikei River. June 2018.

I’m a bit tired from the travelling and getting straight back into work today but I have a lot more to share related to this journey and some much better quality photos as I took my SLR camera with me too. It will be really great to be able to go on adventures and take photos at my leisure once I have my license sorted.


Near Flat Hills. June 2018

These pictures from the bus are pretty blurry from all the movement but I think that they capture the essence of our bus ride. The trip back was very different because it was mostly in the dark! It was nowhere near as interesting and even somewhat challenging, particularly for My Love.

I’m happy to be back with my Cat who I miss when I go away so I think I will venture to bed to catch up on some extra rest and cuddle with Mr Thor. I really do have a lot more that I wish to write so I must ensure I find the time. Holidays are really magnificent at giving you a new perspective on your current routines and lifestyle. So much more to say but I must do right by my tired body! Goodnight world!