Small progress every day…

I mentioned that I bought my first car recently which was a big deal for me as a 34 year old woman who knows nothing about cars. Luckily my dear little brother is a mechanic and kindly assisted with looking her over before I made the decision to go ahead.

It was one of those situations where it all fell into place. The car was on the side of the road on the way to my home with For Sale, a price and phone number scrawled on the back window. It was more expensive than I would have liked initially so I sat on the idea for a week or two, and then I decided that if my brother looked at it for me, he’d be able to tell me if it as a fair price or not.


Picture from a recent walk home, May 2018.

I contacted the owner and she told me that she was dropping the price quite dramatically. I felt like because our neighbourhood is quite secluded that she must not have had a lot of interest. When we finally found a time with conflicting schedules for her to get it into my brother’s workshop, she dropped the price again!

I was worried initially about just taking the easy option but it also felt synchronous with my gut feeling that now was the time to get on with this whole car ‘thing’ after thinking about it for 6-9 months. So I ended up buying her.

I named her after a name I discovered while doing family history research which makes me smile:


Isn’t is just so strange? Hehe. I kept calling the Cat and the Dog Ermentrude and eventually I decided it was the name for my Car.

Tonight was the night I get paid so I decided to buy a year’s worth of insurance. I’ve been holding off driving her until I got this sorted out, just in case I do some serious damage, to her, or someone else!!


Rather poor quality photo from my walk home a few nights back. This is how I struggle to find daylight!

I am sure I will be fine but I don’t want to take the risk. I got really confident driving a Subaru Legacy in the past but this car has completely different gear changing (whilst still being Automatic) and well, it’s been YEARS!

Sadly there won’t be time to drive her for a little while longer. I want to do my first test drive in daylight hours and finding those have been tricky!

My Love and I are going on a little holiday adventure for 3 nights this coming weekend to so I will have to keep holding tight and telling her she hasn’t been forgotten!

I have so much to learn about cars and feel very behind where I’d like to be with it but the important steps are coming together and I am working towards the goals that matter the most. Ermentrude is symbol of freedom!

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