The scene is set.

Now that I’ve got a bit of context out of the way, I feel like I can get onto proper blogging.

To sum things all up – My life is heavily focused on the future that I now know that I want with a passion.

  • My monetary resources are filtered strongly into this through boarding at home rather than lining the pockets of a landlord.
  • I am trying to build relationships with family members whilst also…
  • Getting business done.
  • Getting as healthy as possible (currently failing)
  • Enjoying life now!

Now, business in the context of my/our life means: discussions, to-do’s, focussing on what we need to do now to secure the life we hope to have.

I like to set little goals each week and to plan my available time quite rigidly. This keeps me on task and makes sure I stay productive. I’ve been working on my family tree recently which has been a huge and fascinating distraction but it is definitely time to get myself back on track.

I bought my first car very recently. I don’t have a license. Owning a car without a license is meant to be very motivating to get the license – I can drive but haven’t for several years. First I need to get it insured which I plan to do this week as it is a pay week for me. I also need to re-acquaint myself with the road rules and any changes since I last drove.


My car, Ermentrude. Bought 2018.

Now, working full time, commuting for a couple of hours a day, doing a lot of the household cooking, whilst maintaining a relationship, getting exercise and dare I say having any hobbies, does not allow a lot of spare time for driving practice, especially now that has Winter set in and it is dark when I arrive home.

This is going to be challenging!

This weekend is Queen’s Birthday weekend so My Love and I have taken an extra day off to visit my Father and his Partner in Ohakune which is in the central area of the North Island of New Zealand. We’ve both never been there before and I am excited to see the landscape particularly as it has been snowing! I have never really been in proper snow. I will definitely be bringing my camera.

My Love is also keen to get to work on the pursuit of driving. We have had the “luxury”/misfortune of living in a relatively small city with a decent transport network and thus neither of us really pushed for getting licenses or cars. The plan to have children has changed all of this because you can do things so much faster and show your kids so many more experiences through the freedom driving allows. It will also open up work opportunities in the future.

The reality is that if we want to have a home that is not a damp shoe box and has a yard or even some additional land, we cannot survive without cars. So in a couple of weeks we are likely to be both spending Sunday afternoons, when our respective parents are available, getting some practice behind the wheel. It means sacrificing some of the time we spend together now (as we currently live apart) but ultimately be of huge benefit.

Our options will open up in terms of where we can buy our home and what we can do for work. This is very exciting as I think we’d both resigned ourselves to having a certain kind of life and this now seems more flexible the more we uncover and focus on what we really want.


Waikanae Beach May 2018. Somewhere we will visit more once we are mobile.

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