Reorientation, Part One.

Almost 18 months ago I began a new life with My Love that has changed me in ways I could not have ever predicted. The Carl Jung quote always comes to mind:

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Sometimes I think he has had more of an effect on me than I on him but only he could truly answer that. My whole life focus has shifted from being one adrift and somewhat in tatters, making poor decisions without a great deal of care for the consequences. I’ve had times in my life where I thought I was on the right track but it would turn out I was incorrect and I would almost be back to square one. Now I feel comfort and sure that things are headed in the correct direction.


My Love & I in Waikanae, May 2018.

We live in a somewhat difficult or unusual way. I have been living in my family home, where only My Mother and her dog, Lacey remain. My cat Thor is here with me too but My Love still lives in the city in a small but convenient studio apartment. I live there with him a couple of days a week on average.


View from My Love’s place, early Autumn morning, May 2018.

I used to live close to his place in a rather run-down flat within a bigger house. It was too big for just me but I had resided there with a previous partner and had kept the place for a while after we parted so that I could figure my life out.

It was expensive and a silly idea in hindsight but it took even greater catastrophe for me to do the right thing and leave that house. After discovering some issues around dampness, quite common to old rentals in this city, and an ensuing battle with the landlord about how I could relinquish myself from a lease for a place that I felt was a detriment to my health, I moved back to the place of my birth on what I thought might be a temporary basis.

It was quite nice timing as My Mother was set to take a 6 week holiday to Europe and I was able to take over the responsibility of the house and to look after Lacey the dog. I also had a 2 week holiday with My Love to Tasmania, Australia scheduled for shortly after my Mother’s return and to be able to leave Thor the Cat in a comfortable place, rather than in a cattery was a huge relief to me. My friend who had previously looked after Thor had moved away between the time I’d booked the holiday and our trip, so that cattery had been quite a real, and undesirable possibility.

Lacey and Thor have an understanding relationship and while they aren’t known to cuddle with each other, sometimes they will cuddle either side of me. Thor knows this property well as he has stayed here with myself, Lacey and my Mum before when we’ve been in-between flats too. He is happy here.

Thor & Lacey x

Lacey & Thor getting reacquainted about 1 year ago.

After our holiday to Tasmania, the thoughts of moving there (it is beautiful in so many ways) were strong within both myself and My Love. One of the reasons we went there was that I had been there twice before and was quite charmed by it and wondered if he would be too. Reality has it though and at this time in our lives, family is very important to us and moving to an island that currently takes two plane rides to reach is probably not the wisest move. We’re in our mid-30s and are not realistically in a position to start our lives over in another country.

That said, I do feel like I’m starting my life over again, all of the time.

To be continued…

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