A simple life is by rich by default.

My name is Julia & I’m here to share how you can work toward achieving a simple life with financial freedom. Anyone who has the desire to can discover a life of balance & meaning.

I promote the the benefits living free from physical & mental clutter. I show how we can overcome the struggle with ourselves to enable a commitment to our own personal IMG_0040.jpg& financial growth & wellbeing.

My strategy is simple too. I will show you ways to improve your financial position, reflect on the real causes of your stress & to live a life that allows you to see & then focus on what truly matters to you. Small steps will guide the reader toward greater peace day to day whilst also moving them closer to the goal of financial independence.

My goal is to retire as soon as is practical and/or to travel more while I am still young enough to be able to make the absolute most of the experiences. I am on my way to achieving a simple retirement through frugal living, my current work life, developing passive income & minimalism. I want to continue to build assets to move closer to my dream life. This blog chronicles my actions, lessons and aims to assist others on a similar simple path.

Thank you for joining me here.

“I make myself rich by making my wants few.”

– Henry David Thoreau

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